Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Those of you that know me well, know that I do not enjoy camping much!! I like the convenience of a hotel near civilization. I like the great indoors, not the great outdoors!! Do not get me wrong, I enjoy nature, just at a distance or in a controlled way. Well, we went camping. Camper, bath house, and the whole nine yards. We have been two weekends in a row. I am trying to like camping. Really I am!! Mana loves it. Her daddy loves it. It went alright. The first weekend, Saturday was nice. Good weather and all. Sunday showed me that I do not know how to check the weather and pack accordingly. We ended up wearing my hubby's sweatshirts and coats. The second weekend, I did a little better. I checked the weather and I was prepared for the wind and rain. We had a nice time despite that I was not in my comfort zone. Here are a few things we enjoyed doing.....Mana built "Manaopolis" out of dirt and sticks. There was a bike race and the state park was the finish line. Brian and Mana had a race. And we took lots of walks!!
Here are some pictures from our second trip.....

"Manaopolis"Brian and Mana racingCyclistsWalking Bella
More to come....

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