Monday, October 26, 2009

Some Editing!!

I finally got the church newsletter proof to Jamie!!! Yeah!! I struggled with this one a lot! Once I get started on it, it is not bad to work on. Just sometimes, I can not get started. I do not even want to open the file, much less do any work on it. An ideal Builder newsletter month would be that I have all information provided to me before the deadline and I am ready by their deadline just to pop the articles and information in and then one day to get the proof out. That would be the greatest month ever!!! Just one month like that would be nice!!!

Anyway, since I got the proof out, I now can get some editing done. I have had several photo shoots here lately. I will work on one or two pictures for a break and then go back to working on the newsletter. Here are some of Abby and Samantha that I have worked on lately.

Pictures of the day.....
Love her Vintage Style"Samantha"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Wonderful Day!!

We had a very busy and wonderful day!! The whole family went to church this morning!!! Afterwards, we went to a staff luncheon. Mr. Galloway and others did the cooking and it was delicious!! We had shrimp cocktail, apricot chicken with rice, string beans, and brownies with ice cream. They had the fellowship hall decorated really pretty! It was great! Thank you to all that helped with the staff luncheon!! We then went to the church wide softball game. This was our second one since I have been to the church. It is always a lot of fun!! Came home and let Bella out, ate supper and straight back to church for Bible study. Wonderful class!! Then finally home! Now I have to start back on the Builder newsletter for a proof tomorrow!!!

Pictures of today....
"Mana" "Brian about to hit""Mana giving her Daddy a High Five""Debbie in the outfield""At the Softball Game""The Whole Group"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where is Bella?

This afternoon, Mana went into the kitchen
and this is where she found Bella.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nephew's Last Game

After being at the Space & Rocket Center all day, we went to my nephew's last football game tonight. My schedule had not worked out that I could make it to any of his games this year. I tried to go to an earlier game, but Mana had dancing that day and we ended up sitting and waiting for an accident to be cleared on the way. We walked in and sat down at the exact moment they were walking off the field. I was very disappointed!! Since the game started at 4 pm and that was the time we got back from the field trip, we ended up getting there at half-time. It all worked out. My nephew got to go in for a play and I was there to see it!! If he decides to play football next year, there should be more home games and hopefully I can make more then just half of one game!!! Still excited that I got to see his last play of their season!!!!!

Pictures of the day....
"My nephew, the water boy!!!"
He did a great job also!!!
"My nephew, the football player" "We are the guest!!!!" "Nephew & Friend" "Mana & her Aunt & Uncle"

Huntsville Space & Rocket Center

I know it has been a long time since I have updated my here it goes.
I hope I can stay back on track of things again!!!

Today, the 1st through 6th grades at Mana's school went to the Space & Rocket Center. The bus left a little after 7:30 am. I rode with a friend of mine. I have not been there since I was a child, so I did not know what all was there to do and look at. It is now a huge place with rides and interactive stations. We finally started walking around the place about 10 am. We had two hours before lunch. That is not enough time to see everything, especially when you have a child that wants to read about everything. We had to keep up with the group, so not much reading was done. I told her that I would take her back one day so she could take her time. She agreed and we shuffled on with the group. Lunch was at noon and we watched an Imax movie at 1 pm. We got home around 4 pm. It was overall a great field trip!!!

Pictures of the day....
"Almost the whole school!""4th Grade""Mana and her Hat"