Monday, October 26, 2009

Some Editing!!

I finally got the church newsletter proof to Jamie!!! Yeah!! I struggled with this one a lot! Once I get started on it, it is not bad to work on. Just sometimes, I can not get started. I do not even want to open the file, much less do any work on it. An ideal Builder newsletter month would be that I have all information provided to me before the deadline and I am ready by their deadline just to pop the articles and information in and then one day to get the proof out. That would be the greatest month ever!!! Just one month like that would be nice!!!

Anyway, since I got the proof out, I now can get some editing done. I have had several photo shoots here lately. I will work on one or two pictures for a break and then go back to working on the newsletter. Here are some of Abby and Samantha that I have worked on lately.

Pictures of the day.....
Love her Vintage Style"Samantha"

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