Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspired Little steps for Mom

Well, I have let Mana help me with cooking cakes and other deserts before. I have never let her put the pans in the oven before tonight. I know that I am an over protective mother a lot of the time and don't let her do different things. I also know that sometimes it is so much easier just to do it yourself. She is eleven now. Time to let her do a lot more things on her own. Mana has a friend that she spent the night over at her house not to long ago. Her friend loves to cook. Hearing about her friend's love of cooking and reading a blog I have been following called Necessary Pleasures (her kids love to cook also), I was inspired to let her do more in the kitchen. Mana and her dad cooked supper tonight. We can not experiment to much with the meals because of Brian's strict kidney diet. They made pork chops, corn and handmade drop biscuits (a kidney diet recipe). Mana enjoyed cooking with her dad and the supper turned out great!!

Construction Zone

Our master bathroom has been under construction since October. Well, I have had a hole in the floor since October. The construction to fix it started a couple of weeks ago. Not to our knowledge, the toilet had been leaking under the floor so it all had to be torn out. My father and a friend of his came up to help Brian put the floor back in. Here are some before and in the process pictures of the project. We still have lots to do on the bathroom until it is finished. It will be a slow process. Brian has his good days and his bad. He just doesn't have a lot of energy these days after dialysis.
Before During Dad and Brian (on a good day) working!!

Strange object found

What we will do for a science lesson.....

Yes, there was a balloon in my refrigerator.
She was studying air molecules and how they react
when it is cold and hot.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still Cleaning!!

Today was a beautiful day!! To beautiful to stay inside. Brian brought a load up from the building for me to go through. I am still not done with all the cleaning out. I still have half the extra building to go through, the basement and the garage. (I will leave that one for the hubby!!) Mana came outside and wrote her spelling words on the porch. I love the freedom of homeschooling!!

Bella, the foreman again!She takes her job seriously!Mana doing spelling!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art Project: Shapes

We finally got to do art this week! Mana did great on time for school yesterday, so we had time for art!! That made me really happy. I have missed teaching art. She had to look at objects as shapes only.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time to Party!!

Balloons - check, Cake - check, friends - check!!
It was party day! It was really nice to have the whole house clean and not to do anything this morning to get ready for Mana's birthday party. I actually sat down and took it easy. This was the first time ever. My sister, brother-in-law and my nieces came up. I have not seen them since November. The girls are spending the night with us tonight. They have had a great time. Mana has been so excited about them coming this weekend. My friend Anggie and her daughter came over for awhile this afternoon! I enjoyed Anggie's company. The Paw Paw also came over to visit and to make his secret Waki Tiki Punch for Mana and her guests!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Math Lesson

Brian is taking over the math lessons while GranMary recovers from surgery.
His lesson today was measurement. I have proof GranMary!
They did do math today!!

The fun part of the lesson!!

Snow Again!!!

Today's snow was perfect!! It was not that icy slush. It was a beautiful powder! It took awhile to get it to bond into a snowball but it was possible. Mana and I went out early this morning before starting school. I just wish that the hubby could have come out also. He gets really cold quickly now.

Mana taking picturesBellaMana's snowball scarfMana attacking me

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brian's Birthday Lunch

Brian's birthday is Tuesday. His parents had us over for his birthday lunch today.

Brian's Pineapple Upside Down CakePaw Paw's Secret Waki Tiki Punch

A Birthday Surprise Package!!

Mana's Aunt sent her and Brian a surprise package in the mail. They will not be able to make it to see them on their birthday get togethers. Aunt Carlye and RK made them cupcakes. They were great!! The box was filled with pictures that RK drew and things she picked out just for them.

Yum Cupcakes!!!Lots of Goodies!!

Christmas Again

Since we did not make it down for Christmas to see my family, my dad came up to our house and brought Mana's presents.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun with Bella!

Bella thinks she is Queen of the house!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Such a Mess

Why is it that everything gets a whole lot messier while you are cleaning? I should be able to see an improvement in the house. I am not there yet! In fact, I can hardly walk through parts of the house for the boxes!! I would put them outside on the porch but it is raining. I do have them over to the side of the rooms so I have a path. I at least know that they will be leaving tomorrow afternoon!! I am really excited to be getting rid of all this stuff! It feels great!!

The Living Room Mana's Room