Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspired Little steps for Mom

Well, I have let Mana help me with cooking cakes and other deserts before. I have never let her put the pans in the oven before tonight. I know that I am an over protective mother a lot of the time and don't let her do different things. I also know that sometimes it is so much easier just to do it yourself. She is eleven now. Time to let her do a lot more things on her own. Mana has a friend that she spent the night over at her house not to long ago. Her friend loves to cook. Hearing about her friend's love of cooking and reading a blog I have been following called Necessary Pleasures (her kids love to cook also), I was inspired to let her do more in the kitchen. Mana and her dad cooked supper tonight. We can not experiment to much with the meals because of Brian's strict kidney diet. They made pork chops, corn and handmade drop biscuits (a kidney diet recipe). Mana enjoyed cooking with her dad and the supper turned out great!!

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Tanya Ott said...

Yay Mana -- Your dinner looks delicious!

And Yay Mom and Dad for letting her! We find that the kitchen is a great place to learn about not just food, but math, reading, and team building. Can't wait to see what you guys cook up next!

The kidney diet probably doesn't allow it, but if it does and you want a special treat check out the Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding that Hannah made tonight. It was sooo good!