Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grab the Lysol!!

My sweet child wroke me up Wednesday morning to tell me her throat was hurting. An hour later she had a fever. I took her to the doctor expecting her to have strep. No, she has the flu. Nothing knocks you out quite like the flu. She had a 104.5 fever that night and a horrible cough. Don't you just hate it when your kids are sick and there is nothing you can do to help them feel better? Today, she is much better and getting back to being herself. No fever for a day and a half. Still has a sore throat. Unfortunately, we are not going to make it to church in the morning. I wish that was not the case. We have just started back to church. Pray Brian and I do not come down with it. So far so good on that one!!

Mana sick and Bella looking after her.

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