Saturday, March 5, 2011

Going Grey Gracefully!

Going Grey gracefully, that was what I called what I was doing. FOR YEARS!! (since the age of 20) Well, that is all over. I am now a firm believer that you can NOT go grey gracefully! Over the years I have been mistaken for my friend's mom, and numerous other comments came my way. Ouch, she is not that much younger then I am. That friend has heard me talk about how I needed to color my hair for ever, always never to do so. Well, she changed that. I guess she got tired of listening to me. The other day, she made me an appointment with her hairdresser. I was obligated to go to not make her look bad. That appointment was today at 1:30 pm!! I went and now I actually DO NOT LOOK like her MOM!!! I love the color and cut! This girl did a great job. Mana now wants highlights because I have them. THANKS SHERRY!!!

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Credit: Auntie M Designs, Newspaper QP with Coffee

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