Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Photoshoot

I took spring pictures of my friend's little girl and niece this morning. I have not taken any pictures for awhile now except for the pageant. It was great to be able to take their pictures. We had a lot of fun and got home right before it started raining!

AC giving Mana some love!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

BCT Spring Break Intensive

This week was Spring Break. Mana went to BCT Spring Break Intensive all week. It was from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. She had the best time. She got to see all her friends again that were in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with her. A friend from her school she attended last year was also there. That was a nice surprise. She had music, dance, arts & crafts, monologue, puppetry and drama classes. She got up every morning before me and got ready to go. I know she loves it when she does that!!

Mana and Mrs. Kristy White (Music teacher)Set design by Mana's group

Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Pageant

Sherry and I were asked to take pictures at the Forestdale Baptist Pageant again this year. We had bought a new backdrop to use. It was beautiful! We had so much fun shooting this year. All the girls were so beautiful! Here is a poster I did for the school to hang in the office area.

Pink Bubbles??

I dropped by Target last night before going to a friend's Pampered Chef party. I went in to get some writing pens. I always tend to lose them. I came across pink bubbles. I just had to get them for Mana. What was I thinking?
Today, she went outside to play with the dog. I poured the pink bubble solution (which looked like blood) into a bigger bubble wand. It made the biggest mess. I let Mana play with it anyway. She dropped some on the porch. It looks like someone had an injury and bleed all over. Some bubbles landed on the dog. Now she has pink fur. It is really cute! It is washable. Well it says it is washable. I think it is wearoffable. My hands are still pink after washing them. And of course, the bubbles themselves did NOT look pink.

Grab the Lysol!! Part 2

Yes, after going out to lunch with my friends on Sunday and painting that night, I came down with the flu. I thought I was home free since I waited to see anyone for a week, just in case I had picked it up. Of course not. I had around 3 days of feeling bad. During that time, Mana wrote a message for me on the porch out of grass and made me a bracelet. She was so thoughtful and sweet. She took care of me well!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Construction Zone pt. 2

We have now finished pouring the self leveling floor. Today, we were getting the walls in the bathroom ready to paint. I had painted a border around the wall and if you do not sand it you would still see the outline of it left on the wall. Mana wanted to help out with the project so her daddy put her to work sanding. She decided to have both hands going at one time. I finished trimming the walls out and put the first coat on the wall tonight. Second coat in the morning and then Brian can put the tile down!! Can not wait to get this project done so I can have two bathrooms again and so we can move on to the next project! ~ Painting the rest of the house!!

Out with friends!

Since Mana has had the flu and still has a cough, we did not go to church this morning. Some friends of mine from church were going out to lunch to celebrate some birthdays. Brittney's and Heidi's to be exact. I have not been able to spent much time with them lately, so I left Mana home with her daddy and I went to lunch. It was so great to be back in the middle of all my friends. I have missed them so much. Happy Birthday Heidi and Brittney!!

Heidi opening some giftsDebbie and Dee

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Going Grey Gracefully!

Going Grey gracefully, that was what I called what I was doing. FOR YEARS!! (since the age of 20) Well, that is all over. I am now a firm believer that you can NOT go grey gracefully! Over the years I have been mistaken for my friend's mom, and numerous other comments came my way. Ouch, she is not that much younger then I am. That friend has heard me talk about how I needed to color my hair for ever, always never to do so. Well, she changed that. I guess she got tired of listening to me. The other day, she made me an appointment with her hairdresser. I was obligated to go to not make her look bad. That appointment was today at 1:30 pm!! I went and now I actually DO NOT LOOK like her MOM!!! I love the color and cut! This girl did a great job. Mana now wants highlights because I have them. THANKS SHERRY!!!

If you like this scrapbook quick page visit
Credit: Auntie M Designs, Newspaper QP with Coffee

Grab the Lysol!!

My sweet child wroke me up Wednesday morning to tell me her throat was hurting. An hour later she had a fever. I took her to the doctor expecting her to have strep. No, she has the flu. Nothing knocks you out quite like the flu. She had a 104.5 fever that night and a horrible cough. Don't you just hate it when your kids are sick and there is nothing you can do to help them feel better? Today, she is much better and getting back to being herself. No fever for a day and a half. Still has a sore throat. Unfortunately, we are not going to make it to church in the morning. I wish that was not the case. We have just started back to church. Pray Brian and I do not come down with it. So far so good on that one!!

Mana sick and Bella looking after her.