Sunday, February 28, 2010

A familiar sound...

We heard a familiar sound this afternoon coming down the road...."the sting." Yes, the good ol ice cream truck playing that lovely tune all through the neighborhood. Of course Mana heard it and came a running. I gave in and we hiked down the road toward the truck.

The Ninja TurtleThe Bomb for The BombBella likes Ice CreamYum!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Face

After drama workshop, Mana and I went to the Mall to have lunch. They were having a Camp Expo!! Lots of booths to look at. We walked all around the mall looking at everyone of them. The last one we came to was a face painting booth. A lady was face painting some gorgeous art on children's faces. We stayed in line for an hour and fifteen minutes. Mana had book club at 3:oo pm and we were late. I figured if we stood in a line that long, she was getting her face painted!!! Mana chose the tiger face. It is so cute!! This lady did wonderful work!! After her face was painted we headed to book club. They read "Alice in Wonderland" this month. Mana really enjoyed the book. Then we went to sit with Anggie and Lauren while they ate. Anggie and I had a great discussion and Lauren and Mana played the DS. We got home around 6:30 pm. It was a packed, but fun day!!!

Pictures of my little Tiger!!

Drama Workshop 3

Today was the 3rd and final Saturday of this drama workshop. This one was all about stage combat!! The theatre director of one of the Universities here was the instructor. He was also Potiphar in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" which Mana was in last year. He taught them the safe and correct way to faint, take a backward fall, slap and other things. It was very interesting watching all the kids going through all the combat moves.

Fainting Taking a Backward Fall Mana getting instruction Other

Drama Workshop 2

Saturday, Feb. 13

The second drama workshop was all about auditioning. The kids were taught "Put on a Happy Face" and given a script to learn. Then one by one they went through the audition process just like a real one. Then the director gave them advice on how to improve. Mana walked up there like she was shy, which we all know she is not. Then she projected her voice while she sang. If you did not know her you would have never believed that voice would have come out of her. The director said she did very well. Then she said her voice was like soft sandpaper. That was a compliment.

"Put on a Happy Face"MonologueSaw this bike on the wall of the building
and though it was neat!!

Mana Snowball to the eye!

Feb. 12
Her daddy threw a snowball over the deck toward
her and it landed in her glasses. She was fine and
the glasses were also!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 School Pageant

Tonight was Mana's school pageant! She looked so beautiful! She did not place, but she did a great job. I am so proud of her!! She has such a good attitude about it all!! She had fun and that is what counts!! Sherry and I took the pictures at the pageant. I would have hated to have been a judge. They had a very hard job! Everything looked wonderful and came together great!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally Snow!!

They closed the schools because the snow was coming around 7 am. It finally showed up around 11 am. It was so beautiful!! It snowed all afternoon and did not stop until around 6 pm. The sunset was gorgeous behind the snow covered trees! God sure knows how to paint a wonderful picture!!

Mana's Pageant Dress

Here are some pictures that I took
of Mana today in her pageant dress.

It all works out!!

It is all worked out now!! My friend I was going to take her daughter's wedding pictures got a backup photographer! I am able to go to the pageant now!!! I am so excited that I get to see my sweet daughter in her pageant! I hate that I do not get to help my friend out and shot my first wedding, but at least she is taken care of. That is what is important!! I am very excited to be able to shoot some bridal shots with her in a few weeks!! I just know that Kelcie will be beautiful in her wedding!!

Two Places at One Time!

I am very sad!! Since they closed the schools today for snow (which we are not getting much) Mana's school changed the pageant to Saturday night. I can not be in two places at one time and do two jobs at one time either! Sherry and I were committed to taking the pageant pictures Friday night and a wedding four hours away on Saturday! Now that the pageant is changed, I will not be able to get my daughter ready or take her or take the pictures! I am really, really mad at the school for not informing anyone, especially the photographers, of the backup plan! Nothing was ever said!! I would have never taken a photography job on Saturday if they would have told us. Mana's babysitter agreed to come over and do her hair and makeup and get her all ready for the pageant! Brian is off work, so at least he is able to take her. He would have taken off anyway to help out! I am just really upset I will not be able to be there!!! This will be the first time I have missed a big event in Mana's life. She cried yesterday, (I did also!) after I had to tell her that I was committed to taking the wedding pictures and it was right that I go. She understands, but that does not help much!!

I took her to get her fingernails and toenails done yesterday! She loved that! She said she could get use to that!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 4oth!!

Today was my dear hubby's 40th birthday! I am not much of a cook. In fact, I rarely cook. He does most of the cooking. Since it was his birthday, I made roast beef, potatoes and carrots. I also baked him brownies. It all turned out pretty well. I even liked the brownie, which I normally do not eat. Mana hung crepe paper streamers and balloons. She made him a placemat. She decorated the banner I made for him when she got home from school.
Happy Birthday Brian!! We love you!!

DecoratingBirthday MealBrownie CakeA Gift

Sunday, February 7, 2010

4 month old photo shoot

I got to take a friend of mine's baby pictures on Thursday! Her daughter is gorgeous!! So many cute expressions. Mana was my photography assistant and planned out the backdrops and props! She had a lot of fun!

Over the Hill!

My husband is turning 4o tomorrow!! We had a birthday family get together for him today at his parent's house. They had a wheel chair, black balloons and a basket full of things you need when you are an older person. His brothers put together a neat movie of some funny moments in his life. Here are some pictures from his party.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Drama Workshop

Mana went to a drama workshop this morning. She said she had a lot of fun. It was three hours. They put on a musical theatre dance performance at the end.


Broadway Musical

We got to go to the 101 Dalmatians Musical a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pageant Miss Photogenic Photo Shoot

After I picked up Mana from school, I took some more pictures of her. I was not happy with the last ones we took. They were fine for an audition headshot, but not for Miss Photogenic. I think I am going to be happier with the ones we took today. I just have to decide between black and white or color!!

We have her dress finally. Well, not in our possession. The pageant is in two weeks. Ms. Kathy is letting the back out just a tiny bit so she can breath. Breathing is good!! The dress is the exact one that Mana and I picked out after last year's pageant. She decided that she wanted a puffy dress. It is a crystal blue color. I got it for half the price. We bought it used. That is the way to go. I did not do as well as last year on saving money ($35 for the dress), but half off I think is good!! I still have to buy shoes since we can not find the ones we bought last year and a petticoat to make the skirt puffier.

February 1st has come and gone with out a call or email from Red Mountain Theatre, so that means Mana did not get the part in The Sound of Music. She is good with that though. I am so proud of her attitude toward auditions. She takes it so much better then me!!

Photo shoot from today...