Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Places at One Time!

I am very sad!! Since they closed the schools today for snow (which we are not getting much) Mana's school changed the pageant to Saturday night. I can not be in two places at one time and do two jobs at one time either! Sherry and I were committed to taking the pageant pictures Friday night and a wedding four hours away on Saturday! Now that the pageant is changed, I will not be able to get my daughter ready or take her or take the pictures! I am really, really mad at the school for not informing anyone, especially the photographers, of the backup plan! Nothing was ever said!! I would have never taken a photography job on Saturday if they would have told us. Mana's babysitter agreed to come over and do her hair and makeup and get her all ready for the pageant! Brian is off work, so at least he is able to take her. He would have taken off anyway to help out! I am just really upset I will not be able to be there!!! This will be the first time I have missed a big event in Mana's life. She cried yesterday, (I did also!) after I had to tell her that I was committed to taking the wedding pictures and it was right that I go. She understands, but that does not help much!!

I took her to get her fingernails and toenails done yesterday! She loved that! She said she could get use to that!!

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