Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Face

After drama workshop, Mana and I went to the Mall to have lunch. They were having a Camp Expo!! Lots of booths to look at. We walked all around the mall looking at everyone of them. The last one we came to was a face painting booth. A lady was face painting some gorgeous art on children's faces. We stayed in line for an hour and fifteen minutes. Mana had book club at 3:oo pm and we were late. I figured if we stood in a line that long, she was getting her face painted!!! Mana chose the tiger face. It is so cute!! This lady did wonderful work!! After her face was painted we headed to book club. They read "Alice in Wonderland" this month. Mana really enjoyed the book. Then we went to sit with Anggie and Lauren while they ate. Anggie and I had a great discussion and Lauren and Mana played the DS. We got home around 6:30 pm. It was a packed, but fun day!!!

Pictures of my little Tiger!!

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George said...

Well, I chose 'next blog' again and ended up here. 'Next' is not always the same site it seems. Hi Tiger Face, how are you?