Monday, February 1, 2010

Pageant Miss Photogenic Photo Shoot

After I picked up Mana from school, I took some more pictures of her. I was not happy with the last ones we took. They were fine for an audition headshot, but not for Miss Photogenic. I think I am going to be happier with the ones we took today. I just have to decide between black and white or color!!

We have her dress finally. Well, not in our possession. The pageant is in two weeks. Ms. Kathy is letting the back out just a tiny bit so she can breath. Breathing is good!! The dress is the exact one that Mana and I picked out after last year's pageant. She decided that she wanted a puffy dress. It is a crystal blue color. I got it for half the price. We bought it used. That is the way to go. I did not do as well as last year on saving money ($35 for the dress), but half off I think is good!! I still have to buy shoes since we can not find the ones we bought last year and a petticoat to make the skirt puffier.

February 1st has come and gone with out a call or email from Red Mountain Theatre, so that means Mana did not get the part in The Sound of Music. She is good with that though. I am so proud of her attitude toward auditions. She takes it so much better then me!!

Photo shoot from today...

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