Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wii Party!!

January 23

Mana had her birthday party on Saturday. We had a packed out house as usual. She got a Wii system for her present from mom and dad. Lots of other Wii games and things from everyone else. We all had a great time playing the Wii. The kids all made themselves a Mii cupcake. Their cupcakes were all very creative. Mana even made clothes for hers out of fruit rollups. We looked back on the history for the day on the Wii and it said we played a total of 12 hours and 13 minutes. That is a long time. My sister and nieces spent the night with us.

Candy to decorate the Mii cupcakesCandy boxesDecorating the Mii cupcakesMana's Cupcake Creation Niece's cupcake creationKaraoke with her cousin

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christy said...

sorry we were not able to make. I had a mixed up day thought one thing and it was another. Sorry. Happy Birthday Mana