Thursday, January 21, 2010


January 16

January 16th was a great, but busy day. Mana went in to audition for "The Sound of Music" around 11:30 that morning. It went well. She got a callback for the next day! She was really excited. That night, after my husband got home from work, he brought me some beautiful roses for our Anniversary. We have been married for 17 years. We took Mana to her Grandparents and we went out to eat at Logan's Roadhouse. I got an expensive steak. I usually do not do that. It was really good. Then Brian and I went to the movie theater. The next show I wanted to see was an hour and forty minutes later. I decided I would rather rent a movie then wait that long. Mana's GranMary helped her get ready for her callback. She had to learn a song and a page script. When we went to pick her up the next day, she knew it all. Thanks GranMary for helping her out on that!!

The Anniversary Roses


SavannaLea said...

Congratulations!!! And let us know about Mana callback... and yes, we definitely need to get together and scrapbook...SOON!!!

christy said...

Happy Anniversary. We will be 15 this year. Time flies. Let us know how Mana does. When will you know?

The Strings said...

We will know by Feb. 2