Sunday, March 29, 2009

Favorites from Gardens

Here are my favorite pictures of Mana
in her Easter dress at the gardens...

The one thing I learned...

If I learned anything from the last two pageants Mana was in,
it is.....
Big Poofy Dresses Win!! Brian said that if I get the camper paid off I can buy Mana a Big Poofy pageant dress next year!! I have already picked one out, but it is $215. Anyone want to donate to the dress fund?!!!!! Ha! Ha! :)

This is the one I picked out.....
What do you think??

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Miss Photogenic!!!

After Mana's pageant, we headed up the road to see a friend in her pageant!! I took her picture for Miss Photogenic and she won Judge's Pick & Audience Pick for Miss Photogenic!! We had the best time. After the pageant, M.E. rode with us to a Mexican restaurant. I can't believe I had TWO Miss Photogenics in my car at one time!!! It was great hanging out with my friends tonight.

Pictures of the day....
"M.E. getting one of her trophies & Crowns""The 3rd Grade Winners" "M.E. & Me" "M.E. & Mana"

Miss Junior Photogenic 2009!!!!!

Mana was in another pageant today. She won Miss Junior Photogenic! She did so good. I am proud of her!!

Pictures of the day...
"Waiting for the pageant to start""Getting her Miss Junior Photogenic medal
and favorite trophy""Mana & Debbie"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mana's Painter Essentials 4

Mana played around in Painter Essentials 4 today.
I think she did a great job!!
Here is her Bolt picture...

Must Wear Shades

I have been working on the Builder all day!! I have gotten a lot of it done! Then I had to go get my eyes checked. I can not see to work for the moment. I am really close to the screen to see what I am typing. And, of course I had to wear those ultra cool shades out of the store to drive!! (Can you sense the sarcasm?!)

Future paper cuts waiting to happen!

I have a dangerous habit of not putting the paper stopper out on the printer. This is the view from my forehead on many occasions!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Painter Essentials 4

I have spent way to long playing in Painter Essentials 4 tonight considering it is 1:36 am. This program is addicting!!!! Here are the two pictures I have painted for the last, oh ...... six hours!!

You will see the painted effect better
if you click on the picture to enlarge it!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mana's Downtown Photo Shoot

Here are a few of my favorites...

A few of her favorite things...

This week has been a blast for me! I have not done any work at all for anyone!! I know that sounds bad, but I usually do not know how to say no ever. It is not that I do not like to do for others. It is that I always put the things I have to do for other people first, before doing for Mana or myself. I took a break! I never do that! My brain does not shut off if I have a project to do until it is done. Even if that project is three months away. I enjoyed this week with my daughter. We just did simple things, like go to the mall, take pictures, and eat out at all her favorite places. (Which can be counted on one hand!) I think this week has been more of my spring break then hers because of all the photo shoots. Between Mana & I, of course I enjoyed those the most. I do wish we would have been able to go on a trip somewhere, but we did not.

A few of her favorite things she did this week...
1. Ate at Chick-fil-a, McDonald's, Pizza Hut & Waffle House.
So wonder I missed my weigh in goal by 3 lbs.
2. Had an American Cookie & Krispy Kreme
3. Went to the Science Museum
4. Went on a Scavenger Hunt at the mall
5. Went to see "Bolt" the movie
6. Had her own Photo Shoot
7. Played with one of her cousins
8. Spent the night with her Grandparents
9. AND the BEST: Stayed up late & Slept late every morning!!!

That last one will get us come Monday morning!

Pictures of the day...
Of course, I will post pictures of Mana's photo shoot.
I have 688 pictures to go through to find my favorites!!

"Pictures with Mom"
Some nice people asked if I wanted our picture together!"Waffle House" "Krispy Kreme"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Painter & Pizza Hut

Thursday, March 19

Sherry & I went to another friend's house to have a software lesson. We learned a few new techniques in Photoshop and how to use Painter. I have been wanting to learn how they do the oil painted portraits. I have learned the secret! I bought a pen tablet the other day so that Photoshop would be easier for me to make adjustments to photographs. It came with a version of Painter Essentials. It is like getting Elements instead of Photoshop. I loaded it and tried it out. It is not easy. The pen tablet is not easy to use. I have a lot of practice ahead of me. I am so ready to play in my new program and use the new techniques learned in Photoshop. BUT, I have the Builder to do this next week. Playing will have to wait. :(

Mana spent the night with her Grandparents so I could go have my lesson. GranMary, Aunt Carlye and RK went to the science museum. She said she had a lot of fun. Even ran into some of her friends there. She went through a tornado, did a news broadcast, played volleyball with a robot, and painted a picture for me. Sounds adventurous to me!! I picked her up from her Grandparents' house and we went out to Pizza Hut with Aunt Carlye and RK. Then we went back to their house to let the girls play, while Aunt Caryle picked out clothes from Mana's for RK. Nothing like home shopping for free!! I love hand-me-downs!!

Friday, March 20 - Happy Birthday Uncle Ken!!!!
Mana and I slept the whole day away!!! Then we went to Movie Gallery and rented some movies! Barbie Thumbelina (watched), Space Buddies & Australia (haven't watched). Hope Australia is good!!

Picture of the day...
"At Pizza Hut"

Dresses, Shopping, & Cookies

Wednesday, March 18

Mana and I went to the mall to find her an Easter dress. I ended up buying her two dresses and two pairs of shoes. Nothing for Me. I have figured out why I do not lose weight! If I were skinny, I would be broke!!! To many cute clothes out there. I would not be able to control the spending. I love to shop way to much. I can hold back from buying now, because I think that everything looks horrible on me. Why waste the time or money!! For Mana, I just have to stay out of the mall. Plus, I can not see spending the same prices for children's clothing that adult's clothing cost. Less fabric should = Less money!!!! Not the case! Plus, Mana has to try on everything before I buy it, so that stops me from just buying everything I see that I like!!

We did have a great time at the mall. Mana did not complain at all about trying on 10 dresses to find two. AND, she got a Great American Cookie. Her favorite when we go to the mall!!

Picture of the day....
Yes, I got one also!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scavenging, Bolt & a Cutie Pie!!

We had a packed full of fun day! First, we went to the mall for a scavenger hunt with kids from our church. It was a lot of fun! We divided up into three groups. Our group got finished second! Then we ate lunch there. We went to the dollar movie to see Bolt. The theater was packed out. Several big groups were there. The movie was great and action packed. It will definitely be one we buy when it comes out. Afterwards, Mana and I met Cindy at the gardens to take her granddaughter's pictures. She was so cute. I took 231 pictures. I just could not help myself. It has been a long time since my daughter was one. Don't get me wrong, I love every age she is at, but I do miss the toddler years!! Mana was my helper today at the gardens. She was a great helper!! She only complained a little bit at the end because she was tired and thirsty. We were all tired. Mana and I left the house at 9 am and did not get home until around 6 pm. It was a long day! It was really hard to pick my favorite ones from today, but here are some of them.

Pictures of the day...
"Little Ms. Cutie Pie"

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Next Ms. Photogenic!!

In my opinion, this little girl should be her school's next Ms. Photogenic!!! If this comes true, I will be three for four! I have taken four children's portraits and three of them have won in that division!! The fourth did get overall winner!! Maybe I'm their good luck charm! Ha! Ha! They really are just really cute kids! It is hard to take a bad picture of such cute kids!

I called my friend to see if her daughter and her would like to go to the mall. I wanted to look for an Easter dress for Mana. During that discussion she said ME's photogenic picture was due next Monday. Of course it was raining outside. We packed up the camera just incase and headed out downtown to see if we could snap a few shots between it sprinkling! It cleared up long enough to get some really cute shots!

After it started raining and we had to quit taking pictures, we headed off to the mall. It was a great relaxing afternoon. No rushing around. No fussing kids. We took our time and looked around. The kids had a great time together. We do not get together to often because they live across town from us. The kids get along great. They were in the same 4k class! Everyone said they looked like twins!!

Pictures of the day....
"M.E.'s Photo Shoot"
This is the one we picked!"ME & Mana""Mana""Chick-fil-a Of Course!""Mana was really hungry!!""Glamour Girls"