Monday, March 16, 2009

The Next Ms. Photogenic!!

In my opinion, this little girl should be her school's next Ms. Photogenic!!! If this comes true, I will be three for four! I have taken four children's portraits and three of them have won in that division!! The fourth did get overall winner!! Maybe I'm their good luck charm! Ha! Ha! They really are just really cute kids! It is hard to take a bad picture of such cute kids!

I called my friend to see if her daughter and her would like to go to the mall. I wanted to look for an Easter dress for Mana. During that discussion she said ME's photogenic picture was due next Monday. Of course it was raining outside. We packed up the camera just incase and headed out downtown to see if we could snap a few shots between it sprinkling! It cleared up long enough to get some really cute shots!

After it started raining and we had to quit taking pictures, we headed off to the mall. It was a great relaxing afternoon. No rushing around. No fussing kids. We took our time and looked around. The kids had a great time together. We do not get together to often because they live across town from us. The kids get along great. They were in the same 4k class! Everyone said they looked like twins!!

Pictures of the day....
"M.E.'s Photo Shoot"
This is the one we picked!"ME & Mana""Mana""Chick-fil-a Of Course!""Mana was really hungry!!""Glamour Girls"


christy said...

I love them. They look great and I really appreciate you doing it for us. The girls and us as well had a good time today. I love the fuzzy ook around the edges.

Jamie said...

YOU are definitely the lucky charm. All the kids are cuties, but if I took the picture, it would look like a mugshot.