Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scavenging, Bolt & a Cutie Pie!!

We had a packed full of fun day! First, we went to the mall for a scavenger hunt with kids from our church. It was a lot of fun! We divided up into three groups. Our group got finished second! Then we ate lunch there. We went to the dollar movie to see Bolt. The theater was packed out. Several big groups were there. The movie was great and action packed. It will definitely be one we buy when it comes out. Afterwards, Mana and I met Cindy at the gardens to take her granddaughter's pictures. She was so cute. I took 231 pictures. I just could not help myself. It has been a long time since my daughter was one. Don't get me wrong, I love every age she is at, but I do miss the toddler years!! Mana was my helper today at the gardens. She was a great helper!! She only complained a little bit at the end because she was tired and thirsty. We were all tired. Mana and I left the house at 9 am and did not get home until around 6 pm. It was a long day! It was really hard to pick my favorite ones from today, but here are some of them.

Pictures of the day...
"Little Ms. Cutie Pie"


Jamie said...

This needs to be your business.

Jordan said...

Painting and photography...wow! You are vastly talented!!