Friday, March 20, 2009

Dresses, Shopping, & Cookies

Wednesday, March 18

Mana and I went to the mall to find her an Easter dress. I ended up buying her two dresses and two pairs of shoes. Nothing for Me. I have figured out why I do not lose weight! If I were skinny, I would be broke!!! To many cute clothes out there. I would not be able to control the spending. I love to shop way to much. I can hold back from buying now, because I think that everything looks horrible on me. Why waste the time or money!! For Mana, I just have to stay out of the mall. Plus, I can not see spending the same prices for children's clothing that adult's clothing cost. Less fabric should = Less money!!!! Not the case! Plus, Mana has to try on everything before I buy it, so that stops me from just buying everything I see that I like!!

We did have a great time at the mall. Mana did not complain at all about trying on 10 dresses to find two. AND, she got a Great American Cookie. Her favorite when we go to the mall!!

Picture of the day....
Yes, I got one also!

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Easter Dress Mom said...

Shopping for Easter dresses can be so much fun!