Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Zoo, A Nail, and a Play

Mana came home Friday afternoon with a paper about her upcoming science project. She had to get six pictures of animals, etc. from five different categories. I thought that it would be much more fun to go to the zoo and let her take her own pictures for her project. So off we went to the zoo in the middle of the afternoon on the first nice Saturday this year! A LOT of other people thought it was the perfect day to go also! The parking lot was full and people where parking on the sidewalks. The line to get in was not that bad. It was hot, but there was a nice breeze blowing. There were camel rides. I never thought that Mana would ride on one, but I asked if she wanted to anyway. She said yes!! She loved riding the camel. I was proud of her. She did a really great job taking all her pictures for her project. We met her cousin and aunt there. Her uncle came out after he got off work. The girls had a fun time! They left earlier then us. We still had some pictures to take. We ended up leaving around 5:15 pm. The zoo was closing. I got out to the car and I noticed I had a nail in my tire. I had to drive all the way home to get to a Wal-Mart to get it fixed. (The one by my house was the closest one with an automobile place in it) I ended up getting a new tire! The nail was in a bad place and they would not fix it. We had tickets to go to the play "Zink" at 7 pm. Wal-Mart got us out at 6:35 pm. Just in time for us to walk in the doors at the play at exactly the right time!! The play was wonderful.!!It was a great and crazy day, but I was extremely tired after the packed day!!!

Pictures of the day...
"Momma Giraffe" "ManaLion" "Kangaroo Crossing" "Flamingo Stand" "Camel Ride" "Lion Feeding""Bobcat Walk""Red Tail Hawk"


Jamie said...

You're such a fun mom - I'm glad you are feeling better!

A Small Look into the Life of Me said...

That's awesome! And it gives me a good idea for an assignment for my kids next year! :)