Friday, March 20, 2009

Painter & Pizza Hut

Thursday, March 19

Sherry & I went to another friend's house to have a software lesson. We learned a few new techniques in Photoshop and how to use Painter. I have been wanting to learn how they do the oil painted portraits. I have learned the secret! I bought a pen tablet the other day so that Photoshop would be easier for me to make adjustments to photographs. It came with a version of Painter Essentials. It is like getting Elements instead of Photoshop. I loaded it and tried it out. It is not easy. The pen tablet is not easy to use. I have a lot of practice ahead of me. I am so ready to play in my new program and use the new techniques learned in Photoshop. BUT, I have the Builder to do this next week. Playing will have to wait. :(

Mana spent the night with her Grandparents so I could go have my lesson. GranMary, Aunt Carlye and RK went to the science museum. She said she had a lot of fun. Even ran into some of her friends there. She went through a tornado, did a news broadcast, played volleyball with a robot, and painted a picture for me. Sounds adventurous to me!! I picked her up from her Grandparents' house and we went out to Pizza Hut with Aunt Carlye and RK. Then we went back to their house to let the girls play, while Aunt Caryle picked out clothes from Mana's for RK. Nothing like home shopping for free!! I love hand-me-downs!!

Friday, March 20 - Happy Birthday Uncle Ken!!!!
Mana and I slept the whole day away!!! Then we went to Movie Gallery and rented some movies! Barbie Thumbelina (watched), Space Buddies & Australia (haven't watched). Hope Australia is good!!

Picture of the day...
"At Pizza Hut"

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Jamie said...

Now you should pay it forward and provide me with a software lesson :) But you should also be empowered to say no.