Sunday, March 8, 2009

Entertaining Mana!

I worked on The Builder newsletter last week. I got this one out late. Thankful it was not to late. I mailed it on Wednesday, which was the day I came down with the dreaded stomach virus. On Monday, I was not able to print because of some scheduling conflicts. I printed on Tuesday. It took all day! Thanks to Debbie I managed to get it ready to be mailed out the next day. While I was finishing the last details of paper work Richard came in the office. He got down in the floor and colored with Mana. I just had to take a picture. Thanks also to Maranda who kept Mana entertained while I went and took pictures for the ballet!

Yes, the dreaded stomach virus attacked me on Wednesday. I had already been to the post office to drop off The Builder and by the church to pick up a newsletter I forgot to include with the mailing. By mid-morning, I was really sick! Let us just say, that I lost 11 pounds in two days!! I think that after you go through that, you deserve to be able to keep those 11 pounds off, not gain them back!!! As of today, I have gained 3 pounds back. So not fair!!!

Mana spend the night with Mrs. Cindy on Wednesday night since I was so sick. She took her to school and picked her up two days. She even went to the grocery store for me. I felt better on Friday. I went to breakfast with my friend Sherry and visited Cindy at the Ballet. Friday night, I went to Women's Game Night. It was a lot of fun! We played CatchPhase the whole time.

God has given me some of the greatest friends!! Thanks to everyone that helped me get through this past week!!!!!

Picture of the day...
"Richard & Mana Coloring"

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