Sunday, March 22, 2009

A few of her favorite things...

This week has been a blast for me! I have not done any work at all for anyone!! I know that sounds bad, but I usually do not know how to say no ever. It is not that I do not like to do for others. It is that I always put the things I have to do for other people first, before doing for Mana or myself. I took a break! I never do that! My brain does not shut off if I have a project to do until it is done. Even if that project is three months away. I enjoyed this week with my daughter. We just did simple things, like go to the mall, take pictures, and eat out at all her favorite places. (Which can be counted on one hand!) I think this week has been more of my spring break then hers because of all the photo shoots. Between Mana & I, of course I enjoyed those the most. I do wish we would have been able to go on a trip somewhere, but we did not.

A few of her favorite things she did this week...
1. Ate at Chick-fil-a, McDonald's, Pizza Hut & Waffle House.
So wonder I missed my weigh in goal by 3 lbs.
2. Had an American Cookie & Krispy Kreme
3. Went to the Science Museum
4. Went on a Scavenger Hunt at the mall
5. Went to see "Bolt" the movie
6. Had her own Photo Shoot
7. Played with one of her cousins
8. Spent the night with her Grandparents
9. AND the BEST: Stayed up late & Slept late every morning!!!

That last one will get us come Monday morning!

Pictures of the day...
Of course, I will post pictures of Mana's photo shoot.
I have 688 pictures to go through to find my favorites!!

"Pictures with Mom"
Some nice people asked if I wanted our picture together!"Waffle House" "Krispy Kreme"

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