Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Such a Mess

Why is it that everything gets a whole lot messier while you are cleaning? I should be able to see an improvement in the house. I am not there yet! In fact, I can hardly walk through parts of the house for the boxes!! I would put them outside on the porch but it is raining. I do have them over to the side of the rooms so I have a path. I at least know that they will be leaving tomorrow afternoon!! I am really excited to be getting rid of all this stuff! It feels great!!

The Living Room Mana's Room

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Benita said...

I know you are excited about cleaning out and reorganizing. That was one good thing about moving -- getting rid of the clutter and other things that were no longer necessary. Our moving sale was quite a success, but we still moved too much stuff...will be having a "welcome to Texas" sale once we get into our house. :-) Hope to see you on the visit back in March! Love ya!