Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nephew's Last Game

After being at the Space & Rocket Center all day, we went to my nephew's last football game tonight. My schedule had not worked out that I could make it to any of his games this year. I tried to go to an earlier game, but Mana had dancing that day and we ended up sitting and waiting for an accident to be cleared on the way. We walked in and sat down at the exact moment they were walking off the field. I was very disappointed!! Since the game started at 4 pm and that was the time we got back from the field trip, we ended up getting there at half-time. It all worked out. My nephew got to go in for a play and I was there to see it!! If he decides to play football next year, there should be more home games and hopefully I can make more then just half of one game!!! Still excited that I got to see his last play of their season!!!!!

Pictures of the day....
"My nephew, the water boy!!!"
He did a great job also!!!
"My nephew, the football player" "We are the guest!!!!" "Nephew & Friend" "Mana & her Aunt & Uncle"

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