Saturday, July 24, 2010

Willy Wonka, Jr

I finally got to see Mana in Willy Wonka, Jr. It was the 3rd show. The hubby and I decided on going to two shows only. I usually go crazy and attend as many as the shows as I possible can. That gets expensive quickly. It was wonderful. Everyone in the cast did a great job! Mana was perfect for the part of Grandma Josephina! She was a good Oompa Loompa also! She has had so much fun during the whole process of this musical. Mana made a lot of new friends. Everyone got along like they knew each other for years! Mr. Brad, the director, made it a fun atmosphere to learn in. I can not wait to see the show for my second time!!

Grandma JosephinaMy Oompa LoompaThe Whole Cast


Jamie said...

I'm so sad I missed this - my schedule just got too hairy too quickly! Please keep me posted on the next adventure!!!

The Strings said...

That is ok Jamie! She will be in Suessical Jr. in November with RMTC and I am sure many others to come!!