Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Return of Scrapbooking!!

I use to do a lot of scrapbooking! Every Friday night, my friend Anggie and her daughter would come over and the girls would play and we would scrap. I miss that so much. We had the best conversations those nights. They wouldn't be over until way past midnight, but we never cared what time it was. We would paper scrap on those nights since I have printed pictures of when Mana was little. On other days, I had started a digital scrapbook for her 1st grade year. I was about done with it when I lost all her 1st - 4th grade pictures. I was not one for backups!! I have learned my lesson well! Now I have my pictures backed up in two different places. I have been downloading free scrapbook papers and elements for a long time now. (I lost all that also!) I have finally scrapped my first page since I lost everything. I enjoyed making my first page and look forward to doing others really soon.

Just had to share!! :)

Background paper and elements came from
from the kit - Got Game Tennis.


christy said...

We are thinking about starting a scrapbook night at our church building, would you be interested in coming too? Not sure the details or if it will actually get to take place, but working on it.

The Strings said...

That would be fun!! Keep me posted!!