Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It has been 12 days since we got Bella. She is a handful and a half. She is cute, playful, stubborn and likes to chew everything. (Especially my blue jeans and my hands!!!) She is doing great with crate training, which is the best!! She has learned to sit. The craziest thing is Mana and I get jealous if she cuddles with the other one. She does not do this a lot. Usually only when she has been napping for a couple of minutes and we can manage to pick her up with out waking her up, and after a bath. She will cry to get out of your lap and then go lay down in the floor. I have always wanted a lap dog. I do not have a lap dog. (At least not on my terms!)

Picture of the day...
"Bella at 7 weeks"

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