Thursday, June 24, 2010

The 2010 Showcase

For the kids, the day of the showcase usually starts at 8:45 am and ends at 10:30 pm. A VERY LONG DAY!! They gave the kiddos a break this year and they did not have to be there until 11:30 am. We about did not know what to do with ourselves all morning, but we managed!! For me the day, started off with me being distracted and pulled several different ways. By the time for Showcase to start I was overwhelmed and exhausted. My sister called and told me that Grandma was now on continuous care through Hospice. I was worried about what I was going to do with the dog all weekend while I was out of town and two adults got in a rude behavior fight at Milo's during my lunch. I just needed a break!! I finally got into the church where the Showcase was held and sat down for the break I needed to enjoy the show!! I waited and watched all the classes come and go off stage patiently waiting to see my sweet girl perform. The grandparents kept looking at me like is this her class. (All the kids had on the Showcase black t-shirt so they all looked alike and they were not calling out the class names like the years before.) Three fourth through the show, Mana's group finally got to perform all four of their numbers right after each other. Usually they are all spread out. They did great!! Very proud of my girlie!! Grandparents left right after the show. Brian and I went to find Mana. She is to sit in her seat until I come get her, but she forgot and sat down on the stage where I could not find her. Some people where standing in front of her. I looked all over that church for her. Around 25 minutes. I had a huge lump form in my throat. By the time I found the director (which we are not to speak to) and he told me she was on the stage steps, I was in tears. I could not even talk to her when I walked up to her. I am still kicking myself for that one. On the trip home, all the emotions came out and we were fine by the time we drove into the driveway. I was so glad the day was over!! I know that she will not forget next year, but I will remind her anyway before I drop her off!!

They sang "I have a dream" and then
told what they dreamed of.

Mana said she wanted to be on Broadway
and give all the money she made to the poor.

"Green Eggs and Ham" songZumba"The Whole Group"
365 Kids all left the stage at the
same time and parents started to the stage.
See why I was so upset!!!

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