Saturday, June 5, 2010

A busy summer!

I am so glad that school is out for my up and coming 5th grader!!! It is going to be a busy and fun summer! My daughter is back in ballet now. She took a year off to take Acting and Musical Theatre Dance. She missed ballet and when we visited the older girls' class she was sad. The director and ballet instructor decided to include her in this year's performance as the Royal Kitty Cat. She was a great RKC!! She has played cats and dogs at home since she was little bitty! Anyway, she has ballet two days a week now. She loves it but was overwhelmed, since missing a year! She has a lot of hard work ahead of her.

She auditioned for Willy Wonka Jr. this morning! I think she did well. We will find out in a week if she got a part! Rehearsals will take up most of July for her. She met a new friend today at the park. She was auditioning also. It was like they had been friends forever.

Youth Musical Theatre Workshop starts this week and continues through next weekend. She always enjoys this workshop. This will be her third year attending. They always have auditions for their year round performance groups the Saturday in the middle of the workshop. She got into two musicals last year, but did not make the performance group. Hopefully, she will have better luck this year!!!

Mana was going to audition for Jungle Book Kids, but we decided against this one since she can not do it all. A lot of shows and workshops overlap making it hard to decide which one is the best to audition for or attend.

She is also taking voice lessons. Suessical Jr. is also coming up this next school year! Wow! This Musical Theatre career path of hers sure does make for a very busy schedule!!! A few people look at me like I have lost my mind when it comes to all the things she does. They do not understand. In musical theatre they want a triple thread, one who can dance, sing and act! That means lots of lessons to be able to compete for the part! It keeps us busy, but she enjoys it! I can see why she does. She is good at it. I just do not have a clue where she gets it from. Definitely NOT me! I could not get up in front of all those people and say anything, much less sing and dance! I admire her for that! For those of you that might suggest that I am pushing her into this, that would be a huge NO! I would whether be doing other things then driving all over town for auditions, and rehearsals! It all stresses me out! She is not stressed, I am, and I am not even the one auditioning! If anything, I will be the reason she doesn't go for an audition! What you do for your kids!!


Jamie said...

I've missed your photos and tales of life!

The Strings said...

Thanks Jamie!! I am trying to get back to posting things!