Friday, August 27, 2010

Locks of Love part 2

Wednesday, Mana decided that her hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love again. The last time she cut her hair was when she was in second grade. It has been two and a half years to grown her hair out 18"!! I wish my hair grew that fast!! Last time she cut 14" off!! She was getting a lot of tangles and it was getting to long for her to wash well by herself. A sure sign it is time to cut it all off! She has an audition on Saturday, so I told her that she had to cut it this week or wait until after she found out if she got a part in the musical. She would have to wait two weeks for that. I emailed a friend of mine for an appointment and she got her in for Thursday. Mana had a hard time deciding what length to cut it. She decided on chin length again. I love her hair what ever length it is, but it is really cute in a chin length style!! Since the audition is Saturday and the only headshot I have of her is with long hair, we had to have a quick photo shoot! Now, I will have to go and pick up the headshot today. That was not in the plans, but I am sure glad I thought about the headshot before Saturday!!!!

The first cut!!
Mana and Ms. Jessica after she cut her hair!!

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Jamie said...

I think she looks awesome - so much more styled and pulled together :-)