Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My 38th!!

Most women I know do not like to tell their age. That does not bother me that much! So I turned 38 yesterday!! It is nice to know that everyone this year was celebrating on my birthday even though they might not have known it!! I love when my birthday falls on Labor Day!! The weekend started off well with the hubby off work, barbecue and Alabama football with family, a photo shoot and lunch with my friend Sherry! Then, I come home to my hubby with a stomach virus. I was about to call a redo for my birthday weekend!! My dad came up to visit me for my birthday and helped fix the lawn mower and cut the grass since Brian was sick. Mrs. Jean and I trimmed bushes. Thanks Dad & Mrs. Jean!!! We got a lot done!! So that made things better! It does not look like I live in a jungle now. Brian felt better on Monday. My sweet daughter made me an artist cat, card and decorated the house with streamers! Very festive. We had pizza and watched television all day! Just a nice relaxing day! Just what I needed. Plus I had several call and sing Happy Birthday!!

My Birthday Breakfast
The Artist CatMy Birthday Card
Birthday flowers from Dad & Mrs. Jean

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