Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ruby Falls

Thursday afternoon, we packed up and took off to Tennessee. We have not had a family trip in a while and decided we would go somewhere. The last time we were in Chattanooga for a family trip was around five years ago. Mana did not remember any of it and she was studying rocks in Science. Great reason for a field trip!! So off to TN we go. We started out late because she had drama class and a meeting for her upcoming play she is in. We arrived in TN around 7:30 pm. We came to the first motel and decided that we would get a room. We stayed in the Motel 6. Not where I would normally stay, put it was a place to lay my head. Mana was impressed that the Motel 6 logo was on the bar of soap and that they had a vending machine for shampoo and stuff. I was not impressed that the bathroom floor grout was painted black (and may I add not very well) and that the sheets were almost a flannel. It was hot. Mana and I did not get a good night sleep.

Friday morning we got up and went to Ruby Falls. I love the caverns. I sometimes say that I want to live in a cave when I feel very unsocial. Brian preceded to point out that the flat screens on the walls for the information video would make a great place for a living room and that the rocks would be a great place for a bed. The tour was nice and I enjoyed it. My only complaint is that it needed to take a slower pace. It was almost like we were running through it to keep up with the people in front of us. I want to take pictures not just look at the person in front of me to stay in line. We reached the falls and it was beautiful!

Here are some pictures from Ruby Falls...

Just like Mom. Loves to take lots of pictures!


Jamie said...

Those falls pics are superb! I'm glad you had a chance to get away!

The Strings said...

Thank you Jamie! The falls were gorgeous. I could have stayed in that one spot the whole day!