Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 God & Country

Our church's God & Country Celebration was Sunday night. I am so glad Mana and I were able to go. Everyone did an amazing job putting it together. The food was great, the singing was wonderful and the fireworks were amazing! We even had a car show. Two of Mana's friends came and they walked around together. I took pictures all night. I was having so much fun taking pictures, that I ate really late and about missed the fireworks. I managed to get outside and make a few shots. Wish I had my tripod, but I really do not like lugging it around with me so I left it at home. I thank everyone that worked to make the night a wonderful one. They worked really hard planning, setting up, working during and taking down afterwards. Just wanted to let them know that they all did a great job and they are all appreciated!!

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