Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 VBS Set

This was my sixth year painting the VBS set at my church. It is something that I really enjoy doing. Most of the years, I have had a few helpers come and paint with me, including art students and friends. This year meant the most to me because my own daughter was old enough to join in and help me paint. We had a lot of fun together, planning and painting. She did a wonderful job and I am very proud of her. She is becoming a great artist. I am so glad I get to watch the artistic abilities continue to be passed down through out the generations. My grandmother and mom were both amazing artists. My grandmother painted mostly in oils. Beautiful landscapes. I remember my mom painting the background sets for my sister and my dance recitals. She also painted the most amazing little paintings to go in dollhouses. I so wish I could find those. I have a few of them. I am sure I put them in one of those safe places that you are sure to remember where you put them! Well until next year, here is some pics of this year's VBS set.

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Jamie said...

I really did think you did an amazing job on the sets - I could smell the sewers :-)