Friday, April 10, 2009

???, Hannah & Easter Musical

I have been busy this past week doing fun projects. I got to help a friend of mine take daycare pictures, work on a photo book, and other stuff. I even had a friend call me today and say that if she didn't get a hold of me that she was ready with the phone book to look up my relatives to see where I was.

I put together my first photo book for a friend of mine. I really enjoyed working on it. It turned out pretty well. My friend seemed to like it. I am in the middle of making one of Mana. I have bought a new fun toy. It is the Your Story binder and laminator. I can't wait to use it!!

Today, I took Mana to see the Hannah Montana movie. I would have to say it was good. Mana loved it! The cutest part was that there were two little girls up front jumping around and dancing to the songs! Precious!! Everyone clapped at the end! Great group of movie goers in the theatre!! The screen had some problems. The picture went off the screen because it would not stay open. They had to start the movie over to get it fixed. For watching the first part of the movie twice, we got free tickets on the way out. Now I can take Mana to see Monsters vs. Aliens!

Our church Easter Musical was tonight. They did a fabulous job!! It was very moving!
Some friends and I went to Sonic afterwards.

Pictures of the day.....
"At the Movies""At the Easter Musical"
Not the best pictures, but with no flash, no tripod
and not being able to see how to set the camera,
I will be happy with what I got!"At Sonic"

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