Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have been working on all kinds of fun projects this week during the day time! Adjusting photographs, making graduation announcements, and designing posters are a few of the projects!! I even braved the bees to take some pictures of the beautiful wisteria in my front yard.

Mana is taking the S.A.T. tests at school so she does not have any homework this week!!! We sat down together last night and had a movie night and ate pizza. We watched "Happily Never After 2". It was ok. I didn't really like the first one either. Mana likes them and that is what counts when watching them.

I finally got to watch "Twilight." It was a good movie. It sort of made me want to read the books, but not enough for me to go and buy them. My friend has them. Maybe I will borrow them from her. Not much for reading. I loose concentration to fast. It has to be completely quiet for me to read. That does not happen around my house very often!!

Pictures of the day...

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