Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drama Workshop

Mana has had Drama Workshop for the past two weeks. Monday - Friday. 8:20 am - 4:10 pm. This is her second year in the workshop. She really enjoys it and learns a lot. They bring in very talented instructors that have worked on Broadway and in movies. One of the instructors is even an LA talent agent. They have dance, voice, and drama classes. Every day they get to dress up for a theme day. They have had red day, pajama day, favorite shirt day, Hawaiian day, western day, 70's day and others I do not remember. They have a showcase on the last day. It was three hours last year. Since the workshop is 45 minutes away from the house, I usually stay out on that side of town. The schedule is going to be a lot different tomorrow. Thank goodness the younger kids go in a lot later so their day will not be so long. They stayed from 9 am to 10:30 pm last year. I am glad they changed that.

This year, Mana was old enough to try out for two shows and the youngest all year performance group. She tried out on Saturday. We were there from 1 pm to 4:45 pm. She found out on Wednesday that she made the youth ensemble in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!" She is so excited!! There will be 15 performances. She said that people had to pay to come to the show, so it is a BIG deal!! Plus she has a dressing room. (Of course, she will be sharing with all the other little girls, but she doesn't care. It is still the best thing!) The performances start on July 16th and go through August 2nd. She will have a very busy rehearsal schedule. No parents allowed! Since the place they rehearse is close, I will get to come home during it. She will find out if she made it into the other two on Monday! Pray she did well and makes the performance group!!

Pictures of the weeks.....
"Mana on Hawaiian Day" "Mana on 70's Day" Dragon Fly at the gardens"
This is how I spend my days...taking pictures, etc.
"Flowers" "Bumble Bee"

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