Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gulf World

Monday, June 1, we slept in. Got up and went to the beach until the middle of the day. Mana loves to build sand castles and hunt for shells. She does not care to go in the ocean. I did talk her in to going out in the water with me a few times. Afterward, we went up to the room and got ready to go to Gulf World. We went to the sea lion show first. Mana got to be kissed by the sea lion. Then we watched the sharks and turtles being feed. Then dive team show. That was really great. One of the divers dove from 80 feet. We then saw the reptile show and the bird show. The bird show was great also. They had birds that could speak, count, play basketball and roller skate. Mana liked the white one the most. It was the one that roller skated and rode a unicycle. Then we went to the dolphin show. It was the best. I have always wanted to swim with the dolphins. It was $150 to do that. I decided not to do that this trip. Mana did get to shake hands with a dolphin. The look on her face was priceless!!

Mana is not much of a fan of swimming. She hates to get her face wet or go under. She wears a life jacket every time we go swimming. She did practice swimming while we were there with out it on. I was holding on to her. At one point she took her life jacket off for me to take a picture out side of the pool. She forgot she did not have it on and got in the pool around the 4 ft mark. I was not in the pool and was going to take my camera to put it into my beach bag. Thank God Debbie was in the pool. Mana did not realize until she was half way across the pool. She turned around and swam back to the side all by herself. She did not freak out. She did try to, but I told her to go to the side. She also knew Debbie was coming her way. I am so proud of her. She was scared to death. The life jacket did not come off again after that.

We had the best time at the beach!! I am so ready to go back!!!

Pictures of the day.....
"Sand Castles""Mana holding a crab""Kissed by a sea lion""Petting a stingray""Penguins""The dive team""Petting a snake""Mana's favorite bird""Shaking hands with a dolphin"


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun!

I'm 20 years old and I still haven't mastered the ability to swim. Water mostly just freaks me out.

MACMAN said...

Maybe the next time you will have a chance to swim with the dolphins when you come to Florida. But what you did seemed really cool too. The photos were great.
Keep on Blogging !!
God Bless,