Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Panama City Beach!!

Debbie, Maranda, Mana and I left for Panama City at 5:30 am Sunday morning! Maranda was staying with friends, so it would just be Debbie, Mana & I. My alarm was set for 4 am. I woke to Debbie knocking on my door at 5 am. My alarm did not go off. We finally got on the road. When we got down there, we dropped Maranda off at her hotel and we went to eat at Zaxby's for lunch. We checked in at our hotel and went to the beach and the pool. The beach was nice and clean. Not many shells to step on. No jellyfish. No sand spurs. The water was clear and beautiful! It was perfect!! We played shuffle board. Then we went to meet Damund, a college friend of mine, for dinner at Pier Park. He lives in PC and had just came back from Iraq. I had not seen him in 17 years. We ate at Guy Harvey Island Grill. I love Pier Park. It is the neatest shopping center. Love the atmosphere. We walked around to see all the stores they had. We went to the Candymaker and to the Marble Slab Ice Cream Co. for dessert. Can you say sugar high! Mana sure could!! We went back to the hotel and sat out on the balcony watching and listening to the waves.

Pictures of the day....
"Shuffle Board" "Guy Harvey Island Grill" "Debbie & Mana at Pier Park" Damund, Mana & I at Pier Park""Punch Buggy" "Beach Ball" "The Candymaker" "At Marble Slab"

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Jamie said...

It looks like you guys had the best time!!! So much good food - the sign of a great trip!