Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Her First Professional Musical Theatre Performance!!!

Most of you probably already know....Mana got into the youth ensemble in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." She auditioned in the workshop for the performance group, "Joseph..." and "School House Rock, Jr". She did not make the performance group this year. I am sure there were around 80 or more children auditioning for about 22 places. They have not posted who made it into "School House Rock, Jr." yet.

Mana started rehearsals yesterday! She loved it!! She will go to rehearsals every day except for Mondays. Moms can not watch or be anywhere around. We droppy offy and we picky uppy only. That is a qoute. I am use to being involved with everything Mana does. This is hard for me. I had to drop her off at the curb, at the theatre door. Downtown. No walking her in. She is officially a big girl now. Even if I do not want her to be! She can do so much more than I give her credit for. I would have never walked in a place, not knowing what to expect, with out my mom. Much less go on an audition. They have already learned about three songs! I love to hear her enthusiasm when she gets in the car and tells me about her day.

If you are interested in going to see her in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" leave me a comment and I will get the website for you to order tickets. If possible, I would love for my family and friends to all go together one night. There will be 15 performances from July 16 through August 2. The tickets are $30 a piece. $15 for kids on the Saturday 2pm performances.


Jamie said...

I'm so excited for Mana! I am hoping I get to come since I love that show anyway. Bonus will be to know one of the stars!

christy said...

I know you are super proud and she is on cloud 9 with excitement. I also know it drives you nuts not getting to be there with her. Sorry mom.