Saturday, August 1, 2009

One more performance

Today Mana had two productions. The first one at 2 pm and then one at 7:30 pm. Jamie, GranMary, Paw Paw and my nephews came to see her. She was so excited. She had a big grin on her face throughout most of the show. The family went to the camel caravan before the show. They had the snake again and a Gennie pig. A lot more of the adult cast came out to meet everyone this time. Only four came out last Saturday. After the performance, we went to the Mellow Mushroom. Mana and I really like the pizza there! After the family left, we sat with some of the cast members until time to go back to the theatre. We went to the park next to the theatre like every Saturday afternoon. We were all standing around waiting for the call time and it came a down pour. I had my good camera out. The camera and I both got soaked!! The kids and other cast managed to get inside the building. The rain was over about as fast as it came down. I am glad my camera is ok!! The 7:30 pm show was sold out. Just one more show left. I am ready for some normal time, but will miss the theatre life. Rehearsals for the next one will get here quicker then I realize, I am sure!!

Pictures of the day.....
"Mana next to the sign" "Cousins with the cast" "Cousins with Joseph" "Mana's family and Jamie!!""Mana's First Autograph!!" "Mana with Jeff" (Joseph)
She colored a picture for him.
"One minute after the picture with Jeff"

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