Sunday, August 9, 2009

Women vs. Men Softball Game

Today we had a women vs. men softball game at the church. A lot of people showed up. They had free food and drinks. It was tons of fun. My hubby played softball. I just took pictures. I do not like playing sports. I have never been very good at them. I brought Bella so she would not have to stay in her crate long. She was very good. She loved meeting everyone. Mana did well keeping watch over her. The men ended up winning something like 22 to 13. Everyone had a good time. Hope we do this again really soon. I did not get a lot of great action shots. I did better taking people pictures. That is what I like the most. There is something about capturing someones personality in a picture that I like.

Pictures from today....
"Joseph""Joseph pouring water on Debbie"
"Heidi" "Watching the Game" "My Hubby" "Jamie taking Pictures""Maranda & Lauren" "Playing the Game" "The Cutest Ones There" "All that Played the Game" "Bella Loves Ice!!"

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