Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hospital Bound

I am getting very far behind with the blogging. On Tuesday Oct. 19th, my husband was working out of town and called that morning to tell me he was in the ER. He was on his way into work and could not catch his breath. He took himself 20 minutes to the nearest hospital. It turns out he was having kidney failure. His blood pressure got up into the 250s and his lungs were filling up with fluid. That hospital transferred him to Erlanger hospital an hour away. His mother and I headed up to Chattanooga. We found him in the ER at Erlanger. They soon put him in CCCU. They could not keep his blood pressure down. On Thursday morning, he could not get his breath again. They ended up putting him on a ventilator with a breathing tube and sedated. He was that way for around 4 or 5 days. They started him on dialysis. They finally found medicine that would hold his blood pressure down. They discharged him on Friday, Oct. 29th. It was a complete surprise. No step down unit, no regular room, just discharged to go home for the weekend. He had not even walked in 10 days. He did fine and we were headed home. It was scary. He had a bunch of meds and a new diet that I did not understand. We made it through the weekend and he was admitted to our hospital on Monday morning. He had a kidney biopsy and it told us that he has permanent damage and he also has an infection. He is on dialysis for 6 weeks and then we will see what happens after that. We are doing ok so far. I thank everyone for their prayers and support that we have received.

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Benita said...

We love you and are praying for you guys!!