Monday, November 15, 2010

Mana's Visit to Chattanooga

While I was in Chattanooga with my hubby in the hospital, my sweet daughter was being bounced around between her paw paws and her aunts. Brian and I have the best families anyone could ask for. They all jumped in and helped out with Mana! I can not tell them thank you enough. I could not ask for a better family then we have!!! They took her shopping when it turned cold because she out grew her last years outfits and I had not taken her yet, they took her to play rehearsals and did homeschooling with her. So much to pack on top of an all ready full schedule of their own!! I love them and appreciate them very much!! More then they will ever know!!
My aunt and cousin brought Mana up to see me one night. I was so glad she got to come up. I was missing my sweet girl!! She was bouncing off the walls and I was in a somewhat glazed over mood. It did not match up well. We did have some good conversations and lots of tears and hugs!! Overall it was just what I needed to make it through being out of town with him in the hospital. We did have some good times while she was there. We ate at the City Cafe that was connected to our hotel. They had huge cakes and goodies. There portion sizes where huge also. I told Mana she could pick out a slice of cake to take home to share with everyone. The cake slices filled up an entire plate!! She choose the sampler cake because of the way the outside was decorated. Her and I had a small taste of all the different cake types and boxed it back up. The whole time I was up there I had my eye on a piece of caramel cake. I told myself I would not get a piece until Brian was discharged from the hospital. That way I would not have to live on cake every day I was there. When he was discharged, Brian's dad went to the cafe and got me a piece for a surprise to go home with. That was so sweet of him. It was good!!!

Mana drawingAt City CafeThat ONE!!More Goodies!!The Sampler

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