Thursday, November 25, 2010

Seussical Jr.

Mana was in two play rehearsals at the same time this year. It was really hard, especially through the hospital stays, to keep up with all the times to be there. Seussical rehearsals were mainly on Saturdays until they got to tech week. That was an extremely hard week. Mana was in rehearsals from 12:30 to 9 pm almost every day. Plus add dialysis treatments for the hubby in that schedule. We made it through it!! On opening night, she had her dad, her friend Taylor, Anggie, and I there to see her! It was a wonderful performance. Seussical Jr. is a well mixed musical of acting and singing!! I loved it. You could really tell these kids are talented! They also had their cast party that night. On Closing day, her dad and I went again along with her Grandparents. Brian and I sat in the front row. I will never do that again. It was really awkward sitting that close to the actors on stage. It was like they were staring right at you. It was still a great show even from the front row. Brian and I got Mana a performance gift. We picked her out a necklace with a charm that said Drama. She loved it. One show down, one to go!! I can not wait until the next one!!

Opening NightMana with the Cast BoardClosing Day
Her performance gift

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