Thursday, May 7, 2009

Disappointed in myself

My brain sometimes does not make a connection it needs to. My daughter had her awards program this morning at school. I remember getting the note home about it. I remember, now, talking about it in car line yesterday. I was concentrating on two projects I have to get done today. Getting my friend's camera for pre-prom pictures tonight and doing and finishing the ballet programs TODAY!! My brain NEVER went to today is awards day and you need to be at her school to watch your child get three awards! (Which I did not know about at all!) Yes, I have no excuse! I should have remembered and should have been there. Yes, I have been crying the last hour because the thought never crossed my mind today! I am very upset! I never miss anything my daughter is doing, ever!! I know that she will be ok. I know that it happens. I am always hard on myself. It will be awhile until I let myself forget this one. I just don't understand how I can forget so many things!

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