Friday, May 8, 2009

Heart Break

I have given in to Mana with the "I want a puppy!" after a long year of begging. Brian wanted a westie. We found a lady to get one from. I emailed her to see if she had any the same day her dog had the puppies. What great timing. We got on the list first! Mana has been so excited!! It is all she has talked about for a whole week. Her teacher said she told her atleast 20 times. She has even been reading a dog training book and telling me everything it said. I have not seen her this excited ever!!

Today, I received an email that the puppies did not make it. The mom had an infection and passed it onto the puppies in the milk. The mom may not even get better because she is upset about her puppies being gone. It doesn't look good. I really hate that I have to tell Mana when I pick her up today that her puppy did not make it. :(


Kristi said...

It just hasn't been a good week, has it? :( I hope everything works out!

The Strings said...

Thanks Kristi
She did ok yesterday with me missing the awards day. She cried a lot when I told her about the puppies. She does know that I am looking for another westie puppy.