Saturday, May 30, 2009


First of all....Congratulations to all the graduates out there!!!

Mana and I went to Maranda's graduation party tonight. I was the official photographer. It was a lot of fun taking all the pictures. Behind the camera is my favorite place to be!! Mrs. Cindy and lots of other ladies that helped out did a wonderful job of putting everything together for Maranda. They decorated the room really pretty and they had great food! Best yet, Maranda had a lovely grin on her face that shined all night. You could tell she was having fun! Mana acted very grown up. She found herself several people to carry on long decisions with. (Mostly about her future new puppy.) She said she enjoyed herself.

Pictures of the day...
"Good Food""Good Friends""Good Times"
Maranda & her MomMaranda & Mana

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