Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ever since I had to take my dog to the vet and have him put to sleep, I have not wanted another dog. Mana has begged for one for years. The answer has always been NO!! Plus we do not have a fenced back yard where we can just let a dog out to run. I changed my mind. I felt bad for Mana. No siblings, no pets. Ok, I gave in!! At first, Mana wanted a chihuahua. She dog sat a friend of ours chihuahua. Her daddy has a friend that has two Westies. From hearing his friend talk about them, he ended up mentioning for us to look into getting a Westie. So I did. I read all about the breed. They seem to match up to what I wanted in a dog. We all agreed. Mana's future new puppy was born on May 24th. She is the only girl in the bunch. Mana decided to name her Bella. She has been wanting to go and pick out all the stuff for the puppy. I told her that we would go look and buy closer to time of getting her. Today, we went to look at PetSmart. She found all kinds of cute stuff she wanted. We got Bella a carrot toy and a collar. (The carrot toy because it is just like the one Bolt has in that movie and she thought that would be cute!)

Picture of the day...
"The Puppies""Carrot Toy & Collar"

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