Monday, February 16, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls, Comfy Couches and a Valentine Banquet

Saturday, February 14

Saturday morning, Mana and I slept late. Mana got up before me. Usually I put out her surprises the night before. I did not this time. I forgot to. When I woke up, she had her blankets and pillows all over the chair and couch. She said she did that so where ever I sat, I would be comfortable. That was so sweet of her. I made her Cinnamon rolls in the shape of hearts. (kind of!) She really liked that. She made her daddy a sign and we took a picture of her holding it and emailed it to him at work.

That afternoon, we met Debbie at Wal-Mart to help pick up a few things left for the Widow and Widower Valentine Banquet. We then went to the church to set up. We had lots of help. There were around 15 teenagers and lots of adults to help setup, serve, and clean up. The process went quickly since we had so many helpers. We had a great turn out from the men and ladies that came to attend the banquet. There was a man who came to entertain them that sang wonderful. The whole event was great! I hope our Women's Ministry does this every year for them.

After we cleaned up at church, Heidi came over to our house and we watched the movie "Nights of Rodanthe". I would have to say I did not like this movie. Especially on Valentine's Day. It went rather slowly. I was bored. We were going to watch "Momma Mia", but I had already seen it. I wish we would have watched it anyway.

Pictures of the day...
"Mana and her Heart Cinnamon Rolls""Mana and Daddy's Sign""Valentine Banquet""Some Mood Lighting""Heidi, Debbie, & Jamie""Some of our Wonderful Helpers""Some of our Wonderful Ladies""Mana & Katherine"
She was so sweet to come and keep Mana!

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